Designing the Line

How is the new collection different from your previous work?

This collection differs from my previous work at other couture houses in that it has
evolved to appeal to a more sophisticated, glamorous and feminine client. She is chic,
seductive, empowered and alluring as are the designs in this collection. Acknowledging
the personal growth, life adventures and a new independence I’ve experienced in just the
past two years, I focus on detail and the minutiae of every design. From the placement of
embellishment to the flow of fabric – every nuance reflects a part of me.

What about this new collection has been particularly inspiring or surprising to you?

I was elated at how each design spoke on the runway in its own unique voice. Calling to
the audience in voices louder than what I heard at the initial concept of every piece. As I
sketched each piece, various characteristics of my vision of the Elmadawy woman
inspired me, and naturally, every inspiration is grounded in who I am, where I come from
and where I imagine I am going. My surprise — and what I deem as the greatest
compliment – is how every woman who comes up to me after a show tells me that she is
an Elmadawy woman.