Elegant Magazine September 2015

This past September we provided Elmadawy dresses to Elegant Magazine for both their print and online articles and are very pleased with the results. Special thanks to photographer Ekaterina Belinskaya and model Anastasia Sushchenko at IMG NY as well as Liliana Gankevych on make-up, Anna Krivonos for hair and styled by Jungle Lin.

You can see the article here on Elegant.


Photographer: Ekaterina Belinskaya
Model: Anastasia Sushchenko at IMG NY
Make-up: Liliana Gankevych
Hair: Anna Krivonos
Style: Jungle Lin
Dresses: Elmadawy NY and Katie Fong
Accessories: Solomeina NY&London
Sunglasses: Mercura sunglasses
Headdresses: Trivial